Pierre’s War Chest

Also at web 2.0 pierre omidyar announced that he intends to invest 400 million in new ventures that empower people. He made great points that ebay, a for profit venture had impacted far more people than a non-profit might have. He also posited that companies can focus on profits and doing good, a very google concept that the audience (including me) loved.

I would love to pitch pierre on my eparty idea which is basically to create an ebay for politics. The idea is to build a web based platform that can enable grass roots movements to rapidly organize and mobilize resources, but also to create enduring power bases beyond a single issue as moveon has partially done.
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2 thoughts on “Pierre’s War Chest

  1. you were at Pierre’s talk? So was I. Darn. See you Monday.
    p.s. I have thoughts on eparty, and signing up the next gen of voters is really what it’s gonna take.

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