Most exciting demo at web 2.0

The only demo that seemed to really captivate the audience was zimbra, a web based pim with ajax enabled real time interactivity which I’d love to have. While it was totally cool and open source nobody seemed to know what the bizplan will be. (If anyone knows I’d love to hear it.)

Flock, the supa mozilla browser from bart decrem and co. seemed like something with a lot of promise, esp the feature to grab and publish photos to blogs which is still a pain on typepad (hint!). (btw, i just changed this from wrongly attributing this team to be the firefox dev group. thx to bnon for the catch!)

Pubsub’s new structured data blogging product sounded cool and seemed to offer huge potential but failed to show well. Seemed pretty complicated but with some better UI could enable a new genre of distributed data apps like open classifieds or dating. Wouldn’t it be cool if we saw a major player like yhoo personals or match ever open their database to new services? Sent wirelessly via BlackBerry from T-Mobile.

2 thoughts on “Most exciting demo at web 2.0

  1. “Flock, the supa mozilla browser from the firefox team seemed like something with a lot of promise,”
    The Flock browser is not “from the firefox team.” Not one single member of the Firefox development team has worked on Flock. They have one guy that was briefly employed by Mozilla to do marketing and that’s it. None of them were Firefox developers.
    Propogating this myth that any of these people had anything to do with developing the Firefox web browser is an extreme disservice to your readers and to Firefox.

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