The 6A Team Rocks!

since i posted last night that i was ‘pissed at typepad’ (tried to single out the app and not the people) ben trott (co-creator) has emailed me three times and anil dash commented back on my blog. that’s a team that cares. every new web based service is going to have bugs. very few have management teams looking for complaints and then responding (and on a weekend too). it’s an amazing contrast to my experience with sonos where not only was i unable to ever reach a person beyond front line tech support, but i have even been flamed here on my own blog for being such an idiot i couldnt figure it out. if i could, i’d go way long sixapart and short sonos. (ok the sonos one is just emotional. the product is so cool that i’m sure i’d lose betting against them but they should care more about their customers.)

also amazing to think that sonos has so many fewer customers than typepad. guess that shows the power of the medium. however, given how much trouble companies go through to get customer feedback it’s mindboggling to me that the management team (and vcs) behind sonos havent at least figured out enough to search blogs for discussion of their product and respond as 6A so brilliantly does.  just shows the difference in dealing with (and i hate to use this now tired jargon but i will) a web 2.0 company that gets the power of a product as a living conversation, though i should expect no less from the company that is the creator of the concept.

One thought on “The 6A Team Rocks!

  1. I can’t believe the amount of effort you spend complaining about Sonos. Have you seen or heard ONE other person claim to have had a bad support experience? Because I haven’t… All I ever see in the news, Sonos forums, and other blogs is how thrilled people are at the quality of the Sonos support team. Also, my own personal experience has been nothing short of excellent whenever I have needed assistance with my system. Emails are responded to almost immediately, phone calls are taken with no hold time, and issues are quickly resolved by a competent and polite technician.
    I have yet to see better support from any other tech company.

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