My Dad’s Insight on Partitioning Iraq

my dad has written a brilliant thought piece (in the chgo suntimes) on why we should consider partitioning iraq rather than forcing one ‘democracy’ which seems to be leading to civil war. sounds like it’s gotten good play and even making it to higher levels of the govt. nice to know that there’s one pincus who gets heard. i have to say that while his ideas sound smart, i cringe a bit at the arrogance of america deciding to rewrite iraq into a few smaller countries. smacks of the same imperialism that created iraq and other randomly decided countries a century ago.

here’s the start of it…

We’re stumped. No way out.

We can’t stay mired in the Iraqi sand for years, as the neocon hawks insist. It’s unthinkable to say we won and walk away, as the doves demand.

But there’s a third ornithological alternative. Call it the Phoenix Solution.

When you cut through all the chatter, there’s one basic reason we face endless bloodshed that has prevented our departure: Sunni paranoia that as a 20 percent minority of the population, it will be forever outvoted and dominated in any form of "free democratic" Iraq. It’s the terror of this prospect that has generated its own reign of terror and will sustain it ad infinitum. The fact is that 95 percent of the insurgent attacks have been initiated by Sunni Arabs, primarily against Shiite and Kurdish troops, police and civilians. Finding a way to overcome Sunni fear holds the key to a peaceful exit.

go dad!

2 thoughts on “My Dad’s Insight on Partitioning Iraq

  1. Dude. Ireland? remember Ireland? We called it partition, the border. It created 30 years of war. 20% of the people need to feel that they have a real voice and that they won’t be voted out on every issue important to them. That means that democracy has to actually work, with all the checks and balances that a complex system requires, but it will not happen overnight.

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