Frank Rich on Corruption Thriving in Washington

everyone should read frank rich’s great op/ed piece in this week’s ny times detailing how the same ‘enron’ culture of crony corruption is thriving in DC today on both sides of the aisle. it’s surreal to me to read how bush continues to appoint totally unqualified people for solely political purpsose, how even after the scandal and great loss due to his ridiculous choice (michael brown) for FEMA director he is replacing the guy with yet another crony, and how the whistle blower who outed the govt’s awarding $8B in no bid contracts to haliburton has had to endure demotions and ridicule. (craig also posts on how he has now admitted to ignoring warnings about katrina)

frank says…The mutant Enron version of the C.E.O. culture still rules in Washington: uninhibited cronyism, special-favors networks, and the banishment of accountability.

2 thoughts on “Frank Rich on Corruption Thriving in Washington

  1. For folks that don’t subscribe to the NY Times (since these editorials are all now premium content), you can grab this editorial here.
    A great bookend to this editorial is another Rich editorial on the president’s disastrous approach to Katrina, which you can get here, and which I blogged about in a post, called, “
    How Bush finally let them see Oz

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