Wrong about Firefox/Mozilla

after more carefully reviewing the mozilla press release and getting comments here, i realize that the new for profit subsidiary is wholly owned by mozilla foundation. i would be interested to understand how they are compensating board members, but cant say those people as well as employess of the venture wouldnt deserve equity upside for their participation. will be fun to watch.

2 thoughts on “Wrong about Firefox/Mozilla

  1. No equity for employees. As one of those employees, I can attest to things basically staying the same as they were when we under the Foundation.
    – A

  2. it doesnt make sense to create a for-profit wholly owned by a non-profit. All you would do then is take revenue and give it to the government before “donating” the remainder to the Foundation. The end goal has to be a sale at a nice multiple, endowing the Foundation for a LONG time. No one makes a move like that just to pay taxes….

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