Add Delicious to Typepad!

why doesnt typepad and delicious cut a deal so that i can add a module that lets any of my readers tag my posts? kevin burton has blogged about enabling his readers to tag him though i cant find it on his site. fred wilson writes about how blog tools should get better and easier to do tagging. tom evslin has hacked a way to add a ‘tag with delicious’ link to his typepad posts which i’ll try to add. however, why couldnt tom or someone hack something simpler that would just let me put in tag words and hit ‘submit’ like on flickr. if i’m not a delicious user then ask me to register. or why make me register at all?

21 thoughts on “Add Delicious to Typepad!

  1. They just shipped a Javascript export hack so that you can include your own tags within your own blog. This way you would use delicious as your backend and then just include the posts as a javascript include.
    I think Six Apart would just have to implement their own tagging system which is not hard for what they’re trying to accomplish.
    But it would be REALLY sweet for my readers to be able to tag my posts.

  2. I’ve also tried to convince them to add a FeedBurner component, with no luck.
    I’ll just post this here, cause I’m pretty certain Mena will read your blog 😉

  3. Sixalicious

    Mark Pincus Blog: Add Delicious to Typepad! Haven’t thought it through, but at first glance it seems that this would be a really good move for Six Apart (the company behind Typepad). Also reminds me a bit of Cori’s Rojolicious,

  4. Anil Dash of Six Apart has a response in a comment to Fred’s post on the stuff they’re doing and why some of it is harder than it looks at first glance.

  5. I’ve tried to understand what this blogger is writing. I blog on Blogger that allows no tags at all. This blogger is not satisfied with his typepad blogging. He wants to combine it with another site,. Why does not he open two accounts. I did not even know you can set up shop on type pad. I’m trying to spread the news that the present method of surfing sucks because it spreads virus leads to ddos attacks and ofcourse can allow any hacker to cease control of your web site. A hefty donation on the part of RIAA would enable the development of a web browsing system that will prevent the piracy, or ddos attacks or the addition of modules that suits the whims of total strangers.

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