Firefox Team Cashing in?

i read that mozilla is launching a ‘for profit’ subsidiary so they can ‘better compete with microsoft’s IE’. there is a lot in this i dont follow. first, why does a for profit stand a better chance of competing? i guess they think they can attract more capital which makes sense to me. but, i’m really confused about how you distribute equity in such a venture. how does a non-profit transfer assets and then equity ownership to individuals? i just cant see a fair way to do this. if this is possible, why wouldnt all companies start as non-profits and then change status and transfer valuable assets (cash and IP) at a convenient time? there must be a big piece of this story i’m missing. can anyone fill me in?

3 thoughts on “Firefox Team Cashing in?

  1. I honestly don’t know either — but it could work like other popular open source efforts, that have a corporate parent company that offers support / somehow generates revenue, while the software remains open source.
    Example: MySQL (parent co. MySQL AB), the JBoss group, and aren’t the BitTorrent guys trying to do something like this as well?

  2. Isn’t it possible that this is a move, not to provide shareholders with big profits, but instead to get out from the sometimes onerous requirements on a non-profit?

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