Connecting to ‘Greek Tragedy’ story

just realizing there’s a really easy way for people to build their blog traffic fast. just blog about anything that is most popular on technorati. today it will obviously be stephanie klein, the vivacious girl of greek tragedy fame. wonder if she is technorati’ing herself too…? hmm, stephanie, if you’re reading this, i have a few great guys to set you up with in nyc. email me.

7 thoughts on “Connecting to ‘Greek Tragedy’ story

  1. Hey! I noticed this last week. I’ll post something on-topic, link-laden, come back to T’Rati 5 hours later to find my post buried by a bunch of losers who hooked on the keyword! You bring up a VERY good point! Readers. scroll though Technorati and you will find some relevant posts! And MARK, your post IS RELEVANT because it points out the big flaw in Technorati!
    PS-hope your buds get dates 😉

  2. Well, Technorati solves the “flaw” by showing how many people link to the site that now has a post about one of the search terms. This gives you a basic measure of quality, but the fact of the matter is that a popular blogger (who therefore has many links to their blog) can post some garbage about a search term and there’s no way to filter that out.
    I’m working on a solution to this very problem, and you just gave me a way to improve it. Basically, if people read the comments after a post, there’s a good chance that they see a continuum of quality. At my site a member can submit his or her opinion on the relative values of the comments (a ranked list), and the site condenses this info from all users. The best comments are then presented first.
    So I can write a post with a brief description of the search term, and then add a comment with an excerpt and a link for each of what I consider are the best blogs about it, and anyone that visits can register their own opinion about how those blogs stack up against each other, or even add their own. Meanwhile the site will be collecting judgments of relative quality for the benefit of all visitors. So your on-topic post will be able to stay at the top if it is really good.
    I started using this method with the search terms themselves.


    HOW MANY WAYS CAN I TAG-SPAM THEE? OK, so it’s not the darker side of tags, but again, how tags as another great web tool can be mis-used. Over the last couple of days, I’ve read a good post by VC Fred Wilson on his take on blogs, tags, and RSS feeds, …

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