Is the Valley Still Relevant?

interesting story in business 2.0 about how fred wilson is pursuing a new zone of venture investing (i call it new media while they call it web services), and that silicon valley is past it’s prime. seems a bit ironic the day after google hits $300 a share and a valuation greater than time warner:) what’s weird is that a prominent silicon valley lawyer just told me the same thing today. his perspective is at the end of the trough where he’s not seeing a lot of IPOs right now.

i agree with fred, matt marshall and the reporter that new media represents a sea of new opportunities for entrepreneurs and venture backers. however, i believe that san francisco is also well positioned to go after this as the bay area remains home the highest concentration of web engineers as well as the armies of middle managers from yahoo, ebay and google that will spawn new ventures just like ex-aolers like my former partner sunil did a decade ago.

One thought on “Is the Valley Still Relevant?

  1. interesting that people read the article that way
    all i was saying was NY isn’t nearly as bad a place to do VC as it was 10 years ago
    in fact, its a pretty good place to do it now

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