Love Gnomedex

i got to spend a day at gnomedex last week in seattle (thanks to chris pirillo). the hightlights for me were microsoft making an important announcement (supporting rss in longhorn) to a blogger only audience – cool to think that this would be first reported by bloggers with all media accounts based on blog posts when it’s usually the opposite – and lee’s bbq before, oh and driving a speedboat around lake washington and checking out the fat pads on the water. Z_at_lees_party_seattle

also loved this new piece of edimology that chris coined from the conference…Canterize /v/ – 1. To interrupt, enthusiastically; 2. The opposite of decanterize, wherein all social relevance is stripped from a Web site.

One thought on “Love Gnomedex

  1. Hey Mark,
    It was cool to have you, Mo and Zinga (sp?) at the house for the BBQ. Let us know if/when you come back to Seattle…

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