Fred’s Always On

fred has a post that spoke to me (and my girlfriend mo) about being always on. i think i was always on even before the net (also called ADD) but was more always and lacked the on. mo can attest to how hard i find it to disconnect even though we all know it’s valuable. she had to put me on restricted web time on our recent hawaii trip and i was annoyed when we had no connection for a day. Mark_vaca

i’ve seen this in friends too (where i find it more amusing). my friend greg recently got a crackberry and on our annual ski trip we found we lost our best talk time (chairlifts) to his new obsession. what’s become so ironic is that we often have better attention via remote text interaction than live dialog. maybe some people’s brains process this way easier anyway. we can all tell too when we’re losing someone to their online world. the only time i know i can get someone’s full live attention (or them mine) is car talk time. maybe the answer is we’ll build ‘phone booths’ which are just destraction free zones. maybe areas of our homes will have to be no-net zones. i’ve often imagined how cool it would be if bars and restuarants had cones of silence that could drop down over patrons taking calls, protecting them and people around them.

anyway, thanks fred for letting prove to mo that i’m ‘normal’ for a certain race of human:)

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