Tribe Launches Opern Profiles (finally:)

tribe turned on its ‘open profiles’ today and despite being heavily biased i think they’re cool and get closer to marc canter’s vision for the DLA (digital lifestyle aggregrators. i believe this is the first of its kind personal web services aggregator.  you can check mine out which features my flickr feed as well as my girlfriend, mo’s feed and fred wilson’s blog too.  didnt include my amazon wish list cause i dont have any wishes that can be fulfilled by amazon:)

4 thoughts on “Tribe Launches Opern Profiles (finally:)

  1. pulling down feeds from other webservices

    Marc Pincus announced’s new ‘open profiles’, which he’s describing as a ‘personal webservices aggregator.’ I set one up. Strong functionality – the user has the ability to add links, Amazon wishlists, Flickr photo feeds, and pla…

  2. launches new “open profiles,” social software’s killer app!

    I admit it — I’m a sucker for social networking websites as evidenced by the large number I’ve joined. I’ve referred to my behavior as an online community fetish, in fact. The one grievance I’ve always had with all these…

  3. Open is the only way to do it.

    I’ve been watching social software sites with equal parts excitement and frustration over the past couple of years. Sites like Ryze, Friendster, LinkedIn, Tribe, Orkut and MySpace (I’m sure there are others), do some things really well. I like the idea…

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