Sony Embraces Blogs for YES release

Yestrailerdo you feel the warmth of their embrace? starting with a pair of screenings for an innovative new indie film, YES, sony is embracing bloggers and web grass roots marketing. the YES screenings (tomorrow in sf and next week in nyc) represent a first where major distributors are willing to create special previews for bloggers. i think sony is taking a brilliant pioneering first step in pursuing this. i believe this is important for bloggers as it means that the ants are starting to take on some real power and for indie films as they may one day find that great films can garner real audiences. both of these trends mark a move away from concentrated power in old media – press and film, and democratization of media means more access to more people which is good for us all.

i hope you will all go see YES and blog about it too. if you will tag your blog posts and flickr pics with ‘YES film’ sally potter, the filmmaker will be able to create an aggregated feed of all your stuff on her site.

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