Getting ahead of the plane

the most useful skill i’ve learned from my 8 years as a private pilot is ‘getting ahead of the plane’. i’ve found this applies to everything else in my life.  in flying this means thinking many steps and minutes ahead so you have less work and distraction when you get to the few heavy load times like landing or flying through high traffic air space. i’ve found this useful in getting ahead of high load times like board meetings, busy travel weeks or other compressed periods. i always know when i’m ahead or behind the plane and my stress level directly follows. what’s nice is when i’m ahead of the plane i have extra cycles to either enjoy the process in a more relaxed way or get to more stuff. my most recent example was coming back from hawaii where mo and i were so far ahead of the plane (literally) that we found ourselves with an extra hour to kill before our flight and rather than eat the bad airport food we hopped over to a nearby town and i even got to surf on the most perfect waves (for a beginner) we’d seen the whole trip. oddly, i’ve developed this skill a lot more in my personal life than business. maybe it’s because there’s a lot more moving parts to account for and a lot more herd mentality to distract me from figuring it all out for myself. 

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