Easiest way to talk to a VC…write about him:)

with the introduction of every new communication medium comes a short window to more easily get the attention of influential people. when email first came out and then instant messaging i was surprised how easily i could get to ceo’s playing with the new medium (but not yet getting a lot of incoming msgs) where today it’s impossible even to get people you know.

blogs and technorati again offer this window. i’ve quickly learned the new vanity move – watching your name on technorati. anyone who want to talk to fred wilson, brad feld, steve jurvetson, allen morgan and i’m sure 50 other top vc’s can simply blog about them and at least know they read what you said. course you can comment on their blogs too but i like this better. [aside, a smart kid recently figured out that i had read his blog just by looking at a referring IP address (hawaii right now), seeing he was pinged through technorati and realizing i was here. we cant even surf anonymously anymore:)]

3 thoughts on “Easiest way to talk to a VC…write about him:)

  1. The short distance between two points…

    is through a new medium. At least, that’s according to Mark Pincus, who has a post based on a email exchange we had yesterday. (I even get a nice reference as a “smart kid”)

  2. You are absolutely correct about this one. Back in 1982, I was new to the whole BBS system running on my Apple ][+ with a handset modem. As a 12 year old it was pretty heady stuff communicating with one of the co-founders of Apple computer, scientists from all over the world and some of the first pioneers in the computer industry. It was an environment where the signal was great and the noise was almost non-existent. Many new mediums and forums for communication are like this. The early days of Slashdot, or Orkut and such were havens where you could make meaningful contacts and accomplish more than you otherwise would be able to without those conduits.
    As far as anonymity on the Internet, there are ways to remain anonymous, but the effort required is getting greater and greater. It is simply easiest to chose what information you want to be available and engineer the dissemination of that data on the Internet to reflect those desires.

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