Firefox = Foxy Cash Cow

i’ve been hearing rumors that firefox (from is making over $30m annually off of its deal for the google search box. just saw they passed 64m downloads too. that would mean they’re making $0.50 annually for every download, but actually if you lose 50% of the downloads to apathy, bugs and ignorance (hmm…the ABI dilution effect), that would imply more like $1.00 per user which is pretty amazing. it’s kind of fitting that one of the few startups in silicon valley to immediately go cash positive is a non-profit; and continues to support my hypothesis that all startups are non-profits except google:)

41 thoughts on “Firefox = Foxy Cash Cow

  1. M, geat post.
    your exclusive dish on the Google/Firefox financial transaction/browser relationship benefits your readers greatly…hmm…showing us that Google is funding/enabling Firefox, an IE competitor, may suggest some truth to what BillG has been publicly lamenting – Google’s larger (OS) ambitions…WOW!!
    mark we enjoy leveraging your access to facts that might take months or years to become available. post like these help everyone (from VC to the job-hunting rank-and-file) better understand a world unpredictable & frenetically veering …
    hangin on – and learning

  2. dude, I had no idea FF was raking in that kind of dough.
    keep the ‘insider’ posts coming. we here outside of the Valley get none if this great info =)

  3. $30 million/year seems incredible from the perspective of a a small software-development nonprofit building a web reference into its work.
    But when you think of the popularity of Firefox, it’s plausible.
    I imagine all the details will eventually come out in the Mozilla Foundation’s 501(c)3 filings.
    They’ll have to spend that money on further not-for-profit program activities… that revenue flow could become a giant engine of free/open-source software development…

  4. Not sure about numbers, and I’m no valley insider (still haven’t made the trip yet) but here’s how I heard the money flows:
    Someone searches using the Google search bar in the Firefox browser. If they happen to click on an AdSense ad after that search, Google gives the Mozilla foundation a part of the revenue for that ad click.
    Just more rumors for the mill 🙂

  5. Firefox = Foxy Cash Cow

    Firefox is creating a lot of cash for a non-profit, according to Mark Pincus, a valley serial entrepreneur who is pretty well connected (yet relaxed too: note the beer-like bottle in his mouth, now that he has stepped down as CEO of Tribe.) Apparently,…

  6. has the Form 990s for most 501c organizations available for free. However, Mozilla’s most recent is for 2003. If you really want to know the numbers, visit the office and ask for them. By law, they have to provide them to you. If you don’t want to drive over there, send them a letter with a SASE and they have to send you a copy. Assuming they’ve been filed with the IRS that is.

  7. Firefox and Google

    Rumor that the Mozilla Foundation (aka the FireFox browser) is making $30 million a year from their Google search box: Mark Pincus Blog: Firefox = Foxy Cash Cow

  8. I have heard that apple is making mookoo dineros from their african safari. However, I am still attempting to quantify this unearthing. Either way you look at it, goog’s and fireboy are a marriage made in heaven and eventually, goog’s will buy time warner or something drastic like that. Making a buck never has been hard for them!

  9. Mozilla Firefox is a cash cow!

    Mozilla makes $30 Million dollars a year!First a word of warning… DO NOT download Mozilla 1.5 beta – it is buggy as hell and driving me nuts! I love firefox and have been using it since the very early days of firebird, download firefox if you haven’t al

  10. This is a very interesting post, however rounding the download figures down by half may not be very useful.
    In my household we have up to four machines with Firefox on, none of them register in the Firefox download statistics because I am a Gentoo user, and Gentoo users download all programs from one of the several dozen Gentoo mirrors.
    Debian users likewise have their own software mirrors. Other non-Windows distributions have their own way of handing out software. Most pre-packaged GNU/Linux/BSD CDs have Firefox bundled in too.
    Also many Windows that I know got Firefox from computing magazine CDs, which also are not counted.
    At my work we have one disk image that is placed on all the PCs, this also is not counted.
    The only reliable method is if you can get hold of traffic statistics of a few major websites. This of course will vary, may show much higher use of Firefox than say

  11. Bread From a Browser

    I was just reading a post by Bart Decrem, founder and CEO of Flock, on the question: “what’s the business model for Flock?” His response is a good example of saying the right thing while keeping options open:
    Where there are obvious, proven, opp…

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  14. The Power of the blog rears it’s head once again …
    Our man Mark Pincus here posts a 100 word little message which starts with the words “i’ve been hearing rumors …” and that’s all it takes for the word to spread and people to talk like it’s the truth.
    Where’s the proof Mr.Pincus?
    I could say “I have been hearing rumours that Firefox is making … $3 million … annually off of its deal for the google search box.”
    Possible too.

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  16. What Firefox is getting money from google for ? Just to keep the toll bar or inserting some sort of spyware ?

  17. I also agree with the “firm but polite” comment – some customers can become rather unreasonable asking for replacements and refunds without giving us a “resonable” time to evaluate the item.

  18. How To Remove Search Engines (Specifically Yahoo) From Firefox / Flock

    After my ill-fated attempt to use latest version of Yahoo Instant Messenger (The Malware), I manually removed all traces of Yahoo Instant Messenger from my system. One thing however persisted – their search engine plugin for Firefox.
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  23. FireFox has gained considerable share in the browsers market. Building it and making it popular require funding. FireFox has been making some enhancements to its browser and is generally considered to be immediate rival to IE. After achieving so much on its own, instead of coming up with some other innovative idea, FireFox’s open support for / dependence on google is surprising. 36% browser marketshare can yield much better revenues that what it is making through Google. It indicates Google’s ever increasing appetite for user data and also inability of firefox to grow beyond a certain point. And both found a mutual liking.

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