This Man is a Spammer

some of you may have followed my ongoing fight to stop the worst scorge of spammers, the guys who syphen our cards from every conference we attend and then sell us into email slavery.  i want you all to meet michael luckman Headshot8widesmall who says i gave him my card at a networking event and he figured i’d like to start receiving his emails on ‘great sales tips’ every day until i opted out.  now i’m sure michael is no worse than the rest of these guys but i believe we all have to work together to stop them in their tracks. we need to tell the luckmans of the world that it’s not ok to market their businesses this way. we need to tell the conferences we attend that it’s not ok to let the luckmans attend if they violate the spirit and open access intended by these events.  now i got into an ugly flame war with this guy after he failed to honor my first requests to take me off his list. so i wont reprint it hear. i did call him a dickhead and he seemed to think that was conduct unbecoming a ‘ceo of a progressive san francisco company’. i will say that i find it a bit ironic that he is asking me to extend to him higher civil respect than he has shown the hundreds of poor, unsuspecting people who have unknowlingly given him their cards.

i am including michael’s email address for anyone who would like to inquire about his spam procedures who would like to add his name to any lists they think he might like to receive as well

5 thoughts on “This Man is a Spammer

  1. if only there was some kind of “filter” that was “socially mediated,” such that, i don’t know, you received only messages from people you knew, or people they new — “friends of friends,” so to speak… that way, you could hand out your business card all willy-nilly and still never be pestered by guys name Dickman.
    …his name’s Dickman, right?

  2. To quote The Simpsons, “Sir, your uppance has come!”
    This is precisely the kind of public flogging that these spammers should get. I applaud this effort.
    I had to give you a plug.

  3. You should see all the spams I get soem folks who get my email address from trade shows, etc.
    Pretty silly since I’m CEO of a leading anti-spam company.
    You’d think they would know better.

  4. UnRing the bell? Not so easy

    Let’s see. Roll the clock back, call it, a simple ten years. It’s 1995 and you are mad about the some person’s conduct. Doesn’t matter what, call it they gave your phone number to a telemarketing firm thinking you were in the market for some

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