Rupert Gets on Board

jeff jarvis brought to my attention a speach by rupert murdoch that sounds truly incredible on many levels. first, it’s cool to hear him basically concur with the argument i made last summer at brainstorm to sir martin sorrel (ceo of wpp , world’s largest ad agency) that advertisers had two choices – host the conversation or get out of the way. in this case, he’s talking about the role and opportunity for publishers. but the overall point is the same. the ants are taking over and big media cant fight it and survive….

The speech-astonishing not so much for what it said as for who said it-may go down in history as the day that the stodgy newspaper business officially woke up to the new realities of the internet age. Talking at times more like a pony-tailed, new-age technophile than a septuagenarian old-media god-like figure, Mr Murdoch said that news "providers" such as his own organisation had better get web-savvy, stop lecturing their audiences, "become places for conversation" and "destinations" where "bloggers" and "podcasters" congregate to "engage our reporters and editors in more extended discussions." He also criticised editors and reporters who often "think their readers are stupid".

2 thoughts on “Rupert Gets on Board

  1. Rupert gets on board…

    Some get it. Others don’t and others just refuse to look at reality. This blog on Ruperts Speech reminded me why one Australian Media Company is a world dominant player- and other media companys are distant thirds. (Two years ago asked me to prove wh…

  2. Of course
    The old media must die, taken over by the
    new internet media company, ie
    facebook, myspace , bebboo ,meebo,
    and Zynga!, web 2.0 rules, social gaming rules
    that’s the whole new world that gonna create new billionare business model
    I hope mark will be the new Hertz of the 21st century of the new media

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