Freedom of Churches to Own the Government

the religious right is at it again…this time arguing that under the first amendment  freedom of speach that they should be allowed to politic in church (tax free!). this is one of the most offensive and blatantly unfair proposals i’ve ever heard and shows how far the republicans are willing to go with their partisan control of our government.

the real issue here is that donors can give money to churches as a charitable deduction while political campaigns are anything  but charity.  a measure like this would create a massive loop hole enabling republicans to raise money on far more favorable terms and vastly increasing the power of the church over our government.  it’s offensive that bush wouldnt denounce such a bill and shows his true colors. in fact, i’d love to see a list published of every congressman and senator who supports this so we know exactly who the enemies of fair democracy are.

it’s equally disappointing to see the lack of outcry by democrats at such a ridiculous proposal and shows what powerless whimps (insert a more colorful word here) they are as a party.

if this measure does pass, i will start the church of ‘ant revolution’, a religious group dedicted to democracy everywhere. we’ll be happy to accept your tax dedectible donations which we will funnel into grass roots political campaigns to give the power back to the people.

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