Which ad network do you use?

i’ve been following fred wilson’s musings on challenges with google adsense and have started to play with a few (see kanoodle on side but i would in no way encourage anyone to click:). kanoodle doesnt seem any more targeted and relevant that adsense. i’d love to hear what other people’s experiences have been. also, why is everyone so excited about ads in RSS feeds (chris pirillo!)? also, why would an advertiser ever agree to pay on a CPM basis for RSS ads when there’s no way to know if they’ve been seen.  sounds like the problems we had with push technology all over again.

2 thoughts on “Which ad network do you use?

  1. I disagree, the problem with original push, a.k.a. PointCast, was that it was centralized and required publishers to pay. Ads in RSS is not a hurdle, it’s simply a way that some systems, like Feedster, BlogPulse and FeedBurner can begin to monetize their networks.
    And by the way, the same argument of CPM applies to regular Web traffic.

  2. Agreed with the comments above. Plus, feedburner knows when someone reads a feed and tracks clicks as well. It is isn’t perfect, but it is just as good as cpm advertising on websites.
    We are experimenting with phpadsnew and so far am pretty impressed by its capabilities.

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