Wiki Sheets – Wiki XLS

i’ve been thinking for a while that there is a need for applications that can enable easy creation and participation in distributed databases. it seems to me that with blogs and wikis we have seen the advent of ‘Word’ on the web and that there is still a need for the web version of ‘Excel’ – which remains the easiest way for non-technical people to create sophisticated applications.

Uses of Wiki Sheets…

i would like to be able to turn on ‘lists’ that anyone could add to for things like creating a list of known spammers or a dynamically updating public portfolio. basically, any application where one would enable a group to share data in a searchable, table formatted way, this could be applied. does anyone know of applications that come close? i am an investor in socialtext and hope to see ross tackle this soon.  i also have played with jotspot’s applications. but i still want my excel on my blog!

5 thoughts on “Wiki Sheets – Wiki XLS

  1. The key feature that remains missing and will enabable “group collaboration” to really take off is a way to track and conveniently show the history of changes as well as alternative “minority reports”. We need to enable conflicting views and have visual capabilities to show both the actual variations and their group rankings. By all means we should allow the majority vote to prevail, but we should allow minority voices to still be present. The problem with wikis is that they only present the most recent “vote” (and a clunky, difficult to view revision history) and don’t provide a mechanism to ensure that minority voices are presented as alternatives. By offer alternatives to “winner take all”, we’ll finally provide the tools that can enable full online democracy to flourish.
    Install my “democracy engine” under the hood of your Wiki Sheets and then you’ll really instill (incite?) a sense of “community”.
    — Jack Krupansky

  2. i tried numsum and while it points to the right place, code still seems shaky and lacking all you need. also, i’m talking about putting a working xls spreadsheet in the middle of my blog that anyone can add to or change, almost becomes like open grafiti board.

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