Invitation to YES Blogger Sneak Preview

Yes3 i’m posting an open invitation to bay area bloggers to come and preview an awesome new film, YES, two weeks before its release. my hope is that a bunch of us can blog to help a creative new indie film get word of mouth so that more of these innovative, low budget projects can have commercial success.  my bigger hope is that bloggers can start to influence the commercial potential of new films, enabling a broader set of voices.

About the Sneak Preview

Yes4 June 12th – screening, dinner after with sally potter, the director. also featuring poetry slams from youth speaks.  hoping attendees will blog about the film (good or bad).  let me know if you want to attend by commenting here and if there’s others who should attend.  (the screening room holds 150 people. dinner will hold less.)

About YES…

Yes2YES is the uninhibited and poetic story of a passionate affair which breaks the boundaries between an American scientist (Joan Allen) and a Lebanese chef (Simon Abkarian) in a relationship that challenges all of their sexual, moral, religious and political limits. they embark on a journey that takes them from London and Belfast to Beirut and Havana.

here’s what the critics say…

"Joan Allen is amazing in Sally Potter’s YES. And director Sally Potter is amazing in the way she makes her amazing"
Roger Ebert, "Chicago Sun Times"

"It’s as if Ingmar Bergman, William Shakespeare and Dr. Seuss had collaborated on an antiwar project"
Desson Thomson, "Washington Post"

"Joan Allen’s central performance is sensuous, chameleonic, lit up with beauty inside and out from Alexei Rodionov’s attentive camera"
Geoff Brown, "The Times", London

"An especially daring attempt….to resolve the chaos of experience into some kind of formal order"
A.O.Scott, "New York Times"

"A stunning epic about a grand passion whose volcanic eruptions cast a lurid light on the collision of male and female, Muslim and American….you haven’t seen anything like it"
Tim Appelo, "Seattle Weekly"

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