Lessig: Remixing Culture

i’m embarassed to admit that last night was my first time sitting through a lawrence lessig talk on how copyright law is enabling ‘the establishment’ to enslave our culture. i loved his analogies to plantation culture and even share cropping (that’s when you remix a david bowie song and then he owns the rights).  he included some frightening clips from fox news showing both how they have turned the bush war into a glitzy, fun romp in the desert and how commentators like o’reilly have managed to totally warp and manufacture their own truths that they are free to spew daily while shouting down and coming close to punching anyone who disagrees (those nasty anti-americans).

this was billed as a ‘mash’ and included an incredibly articulate guy name dj spooky who coincidentally is dj’ing the sfmoma party tonight too.  he showed how dj art is all about remixing and that fit lessig’s point that all art and culture is based on ‘remixing’. made me think of how i’ve been accused of ‘copying’ the successful business models of others. hey, i’m just remixing!

One thought on “Lessig: Remixing Culture

  1. Mark – ah, Larry Lessig. If you haven’t already you should read his Free Culture, which just came out in paperback.
    I hope we can get together in the hood soon!

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