Working together to fight spammers

i hate spammers. i’m offended every time i get a ‘you have been selected to participate…’ (10 a day now!). they keep getting better at making subject lines that look like real msgs so i cant afford to delete.

someone recently told me that you can take spammers to court for violating the new spam act and win up to $10k. is this an urban myth? if it is true, anyone know if there are efforts under way to fight spammers as a group?

it seems to me that if a group of us got together and each agreed to take part we could start a movement to attack spammers head on. my take is that there are a few different categories of spammers…

  • professional flagrant spammers – these guys probably operate offshore and dont care about any laws.
  • legitimate us businesses – these guys are either ignorant of the laws or believe they can get away flaunting them.
  • small time entrepreneurs – again either ignorant or knowlingly flaunting rules.

a few thoughts on what we can do to fight back. (pls let me know what activities are already going on as i’m ignorant of most of it.)

  1. ‘out’ them – we should create a public list (wiki?) showing the company names and the names and contact info of the people behind them, including boards of directors and investors.
  2. charge them – we should start taking these guys to court and making them pay for the damage they’re inflicting on the world.
  3. stop them – if we create a system that makes it easy enough for anyone to fight back, maybe we can curtail some big part of this.

2 thoughts on “Working together to fight spammers

  1. I don’t think the SPAMmer care if you expose them #1. Also, I think it’s nearly impossible to stop them #3, every system has holes. The only option is #2, which Microsoft and New York State are pursuing, but the courts are very slow to judge.

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