Feedmap – Seeing our local blog world

i tried installing feedmap on my blog today. (i should be training for a triathalon but get easily sucked into the next blog widget.)  it’s a cool idea to map my ‘neighblogs’ as they call them, or nearby bloggers. (starting to hate all the blog name spoofing.) anyway, my only gripe and the reason you dont see them here is that the site seems to be slow and seriously delayed my page serving.

anyone know of a blog that categorizes all blog tools out there with reviews? seems like a good idea. even better, someone should start a wiki to let us all contribute. ok, now i’m guessing this already exists on delicious and i’m the only one who doesnt know it:) also, can anyone recommend a good, easy, free wiki authoring site (pref with wysiwyg)? 

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