Tribe Hires a CEO

matt marshall reported on his silicon valley blog today that tribe has hired a new ceo and while i dont agree with his headline ("Silicon Valley shakeups continue: Tribe replaces Pincus"), he does accurately describe my reasoning for hiring a ceo.

It is similar to what happened at his previous company, where he left the CEO spot and went on to lead some key strategic deals for the company…Tribe is attempting to accelerate its growth. Pincus said it is clear that Tribe should continue its focus on "community listings," and that growth in the number of unique users and listings has been solid over the past year — particularly in the Bay Area. It’s just that Tribe needs to be taken to the next level, he said. "It has good signs, but we haven’t scaled it yet."…Regarding his stepping down, Pincus said: "I don’t really enjoy being a day to day manager of people and projects," he said, "and it’s not something I think I’m particularly good at…"

tribe will put out a formal release naming the new ceo and his background tomorrow.  i’m excited to get back to focusing on new ideas for tribe and beyond…and maybe do a little more flying and biking again.

4 thoughts on “Tribe Hires a CEO

  1. Such a tease! I am banging my head against the tribe_module Tribe Casting variables trying to get more than “friends” and “tribes” to work and you post what looks an “album” variable but nope its just html.
    Are there any more functional variables? “listings” recommendations” “schools” “testimonials” “blogs”???
    I really want to be able to embed a blog this way, or even a recommendation. In fact I want to be able to use any tribe component in this way.

  2. yes, our upcoming release will give you just that. you’ll be able to take customizable modules and tribecast them onto your blog. in fact, i think we’ll be having some kind of contest around who can come up with the coolest new use of it.

  3. The world stands aside to let anyone pass who knows where he is going. – David Starr Jordan.
    Good luck Mark.

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